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IS Boss Engira Baskaran Hit or flop? My verdict:- Super hit

Boss Engira Baskaran, directed by Rajesh, has opened to a tremendous response and the film is on its way to become a super-hit. BEB’s lead pair Arya and Nayanthara

A good start is half the job done and Rajesh seems to have concentrated real hard on the dialogues. As a result, the hollow screenplay is tactfully saved from plunging into the depths of action-less monotony. Although the movie stretches itself without any effort by the sheer success of the dialogues, Santhanam’s spontaneity stands out in the process and it renders the movie a definite thrust.

Santhanam is a riot and if there’s a full paisa vasool feeling after you watch this movie, attribute it to him. His wisecracks, one-liners with and without intended puns and the constant ‘Nanbenda’ are takeaways in what would have otherwise been a bland fare of mushy romance.

My views: Go and watch the movie you will be in state of joy and will tell the word Nanbenda

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