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What Up with Velayudham movie? Will it be Hit or flop?

vijay Velayudham movie going to release in diwali will it be hit or flop? but not sure after 7aam Arivu is going to release on the same day. Diwali line-up for this year is getting ready. The promo stills look very bad. The costumes and everything look bad which had been copied from assassin games. Assassin game lover will never like vijay to have this costume.



Assassin’s Creed get-up reminds Kandasamy which never lives the expectation. Only Velayudham will have a deeper down impact as we know that this movie remake of the 2000 Telugu film Azad that starred late Soundarya as a journalist and Akkineni Nagarjuna as a villager. Vijay always choose Telugu movie remake. When will he tries to have new idea. Always just like to copy and try to win which will never happen. As a vijay Fan we will like to see different vijay in every movie but he simply act like a before movie and going.

Small request to vijay please do some thing different

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8 Responses to What Up with Velayudham movie? Will it be Hit or flop?

  1. ch says:

    i think you are a ajith fan…please do not post bad about Vijay. you are judging people by the color of thier skin which is not good in tamil nadu…

    stop talking badly about vijay…one day you will be sorry for this…..

  2. news world says:

    ohhh…may be i’m ajith fan or surya fan so what??? don’t bring fans on this…if u need to ask question to me then question me directly…look ch dr.vijay always choose remake which i hate. he is not doing different which every body likes that what i put my thoughts.

  3. Suryafans says:

    Moikka vijay,all films flop,ajithum vijayum friendsamma 2 mentals…surya rockzzz….

  4. Gijo says:

    Seriously Vijay should move from the terminator style roles with over sentimence. He only does roles where he is always supreme and no one in the world can defeat him. Oh please, with his body that seems quite over. Can we see something original?

  5. Dinesh says:

    King of chenai “Vijay”

    Artificial hero in tamilnadu (in INDIA) is only surya.
    Surya fans should be shame of it. Always Vijay is mass entertainer without any effort, But surya need to take more effort & risk to promote & hit the film.

    Rajini & Vijay are the only heroes who did in top list without doing different roles.

    M.G.R, Rajini & Vijay are the Minimum risk Guarentee heroes. Which means no loss in their film

  6. Godfather says:

    i’m badri vijay fan bt i had’t insltd any other stars.whn othr do ths simply i lke 2 say tht its ”Manufacture defect”

  7. swathik says:

    bad surya and his fans
    vijay is best super star

  8. Vijayraina says:

    Vijay is next super star …….

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