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Benefits of using Network hard drive

Hard disk is a non-volatile storage device that stores digitally encoded data on rapidly rotating rigid platters with magnetic surfaces.

Modern Hard disk s prevent power interruptions or other malfunctions from landing its heads in the data zone by parking the heads either in a landing zone or by unloading the heads. The landing zone is an area of the platter usually near its inner diameter (ID), where no data are stored.

Usually, in a network of computers, a network hard drives is used.

Network Hard DriveWhat is network hard drive?

The network hard drive is a device which is used for storing information and data as part of a network. Advantage of using the network hard drive is, as business grows the need for more space on the server grows higher and higher. By using network hard drive you might be able to get the extra space without any extra cost and maintenance.

Finally paypal on March 4th 2010 resumed local bank withdrawals in India

It was over one month, where my deposits in PayPal got hold due to the new law act by India. Finally, its over now i wish. PayPal:- an online payments service. On February 2nd 2010, Paypal stopped and reversed all Personal transactions in or out of India.

Personal payments are blocked going in or coming out of accounts from Indian customers, causing a confusion which also had millions of online complaints.

Paypal has told that they are Resuming Bank Withdrawals Service by March 3rd 2010. As the RBI has told the online payment company that it requires specific approvals to allow personal inward remittances to India. PayPal needs authorization to operate a cross-border money transfer service, under the country’s Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007.

Hence paypal had resumed these services with specific instructions for customers on how they can transfer their money into their bank accounts.

Finally paypal on March 4th 2010 resumed local bank withdrawals in India. When users select the Withdraw Funds option on your PayPal account, it will ask you to fill out a new field entitled Purpose Code.    This information is required under the laws of India in order to identify the nature of cross-border merchant transactions.

Finally there is some good news for Indian Merchant and exporters.

Google operating system Chrome due out in the second half of 2010

google-os-liveThe Google operating system “Chrome”, due out in the second half of 2010, threatens to chip away at Microsoft’s market share in the low end of the PC market the less expensive and less powerful laptops known as “netbooks,” which are becoming increasingly popular among consumers primarily interested in surfing the Web.

Most industry observers believe it will take years before the Chrome operating system develops into a serious challenger to Microsoft’s Windows, which runs on more than 1 billion PCs, according to Collins Stewart analyst Sandeep Aggarwal. The Chrome operating system also could put Google into direct competition with Apple.

Some computer makers already are considering using Android as an operating system in netbooks, but some may think Android is better suited for handheld devices. They also think elements of the Android and Chrome systems could eventually merge.

Although Google won’t charge for the Chrome operating system, Schmidt said it could easily pay off by driving down the cost of computers so people can afford to buy more machines and surf the Web more often.

Features of Nokia N97

nokia-n97Highly-anticipated Nokia N97 device released in India. Nokia N97 device is said to be offer a personalized mobile and Internet. This Nokia device includes multiple sensors, processing power, memory and connection speeds which help users to share their social location. The Nokia N97 has incorporated A-GPS sensors and an electronic compass which helps the gadget locate its exact place.

Nokia N97 include Facebook, news services like NDTV and Reuters, email, shopping and weather information. Proficiency in blogging, chatting, posting, sending texts or emailing can be achieved with the help of the intuitive User Interface which has an option of physical QWERTY and virtual touch input.

Features of Nokia N97:

  • This touch screen device can rope in a storage space of 48GB. It includes a 32GB on-board memory, expandable with a 16GB microSD card which can be used for music and media.
  • The Nokia N97 comes with superior music quality along with full support for the Nokia Music Store.
  • The phone sports a large 3.5” widescreen display with 16:9 aspect ratio and a distinct tilting feature.
  • The device has a nonstop playback time of up to 1.5 days.
  • It also includes a 5-megapixel camera with advanced quality Carl Zeiss optics and DVD quality video capture.
  • It includes a full QWERTY keyboard that can be completely modified with a variety of widgets to get live data straight on the device.

The Nokia N97 is the most powerful, multi-sensory mobile device in existence. The Nokia N97 is the only Nokia device which provides an access to the newly opened Ovi store. This store is a one-stop shop for a full list of applications, videos, games, podcasts, web, productivity tools, location based services and much more.



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