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Posts tagged VENGHAI 2011 tamil mp3 movie song review

VENGHAI 2011 tamil mp3 movie song review

Director Hari has penned lyrics for a song and other songs have the lyrical lines of Vengai.

Devi Sri Prasad are back with Vengai. The Vengai album comprises of 5 tracks amongst which couple of songs are fast-beat mass numbers while rest of the tracks are melodies.

A typical Kuthu number catering to the tastes of rural cohorts and it is more revealing with the style of composition and intonation by singers. Devi Sri Prasad goes for a right selection of singers

Starring: Dhanush, Thamannah, Raj Kiran, Prakash Raj, Ganja Karuppu
Direction: Hari
Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Songs List

  • Dhinam…Dhinam
  • Kaalangathala
  • Yenna Solla Pora
  • Orey Oru
  • Pudikale Pudikudhu



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