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Ilayathalapathi Vijay’s 50th Tamil film Sura: Story Line

sura_vijays-filmVijay’s 50th  film Sura is rumored as  a remake of Malayalam super star Mohanlal’s Chota Mumbai (2007), directed by Anwar Rasheed. Sura is being directed by S.P. Rajkumar and produced by Sangili Murugan, But director S.P. Rajkumar has refused to reveal anything on the film’s storyline.

Vijay will have Tamannaah as a heroine. AlThough Vijay still has a song to be completed for his forthcoming release Vettaikaran, he has already started working for Sura, being shot across the coastal areas of Kerala. Set in the backdrop of Fort Kochi and Mattancherry area, Chota Mumbai tells the story of a few happy fishermen from Chotta Mumbai Street.

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  1. sowfi sowfi
    December 22, 2009    

    i hope it will be nice

  2. babu babu
    December 29, 2009    

    hi sura not chota mumbai story,its rajkumar story only, dont give wrong news ok.

  3. cino cino
    January 2, 2010    

    when will be audio release of sura

  4. rock rock
    January 25, 2010    

    i love thalapathi.. All the best for sura..

    January 28, 2010    

    poda poda thala thala thala AJITH .THALA FANS R THALA

    January 30, 2010    


    January 30, 2010    

    i hope sura will be the massive hit

  8. divya divya
    February 2, 2010    

    vijay rockz allways. like vijay no can dance.

  9. saran raj saran raj
    February 6, 2010    

    vijay up coming super star we need another one movie like sachin

  10. deva deva
    February 6, 2010    

    no one can dance like vijay and hero like vijay

  11. deva deva
    February 6, 2010    

    next super star iliyathalapathy vijay

  12. February 7, 2010    

    who is king
    vijay is king
    king is king
    never to rich any hero in vijay front

  13. hari hari
    February 10, 2010    

    Thalapathi Vijay dance king sure is already hit vijay mass mass mass

  14. hari hari
    February 10, 2010    

    vijay is the best….. sura sura my vijay thalapathi u only best in tamil cinema…..

  15. hari hari
    February 10, 2010    

    next super star vijay………. vettikaren dance konjam missing so sura padam i wante more dance

  16. prakash prakash
    February 13, 2010    

    vijay sir, pls use below directors, miskin, gowthem,amir,manirathnam,selvaragavan surely u get a different types of action and block buster movies

  17. jaga jaga
    February 13, 2010    

    i like u thlapathi.i hope sura will be a massive hitand do some different chracters thalaivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  18. devi devi
    February 15, 2010    

    hai vijay your dance is super but your acting was same so change the story. and lot of characters and then you stand flim industry.all the best.bye

  19. sabeer(tirupur) sabeer(tirupur)
    February 17, 2010    

    hi… vijay sir ur big fan…

  20. Jathu Jathu
    February 17, 2010    

    he will rock, he is the vasool raja in tamil cinema

  21. February 26, 2010    

    vijay sir please change your acting in flim.use directors like sasi ,gowthem,amir,manirathanam,ks ravikumar u will get more blockbuster flim sir please change by your big fan anand

  22. Ranjith Ranjith
    March 1, 2010    

    THALA Padam Super Hit Ahaganum THALA……..

  23. irshath irshath
    March 2, 2010    

    yes super hit but oda vidayea kalaigar

  24. vijay vijay
    March 2, 2010    

    visit now to for vote vijay’s bets 50 movies

  25. amal amal
    March 3, 2010    

    Sir,Please Do the project with gowtham,Amir,Selvarahavan,Miskin,Sasi,Lingusamy,
    if you join with them then always you only the super star.

  26. sathya sathya
    March 4, 2010    

    pls diffrent role and your voice is super so any flim sing in the song

  27. sathya sathya
    March 4, 2010    

    u no thala you one in one thalapathi

  28. Bharat Bharat
    March 5, 2010    

    Your Gilli film is good
    But other are super Floop

  29. dinesh dinesh
    March 6, 2010    

    vijay is the next superstar.
    ajith sucks

    March 6, 2010    


  31. nanthana nanthana
    March 7, 2010    

    vijay is the next super star . i always like vijay filmd.

  32. uma uma
    March 7, 2010    

    I like vijay. vijay’dance is very very amazing. I wait for your sura.

  33. swami swami
    March 7, 2010    

    vijay always super star vijay rocks……………………………..

  34. mani mani
    March 9, 2010    

    hi… vijay sir ur big fan. sir pls do diffrent role. .use directors like gowthem,amir,manirathanam,

  35. vasanth vasanth
    March 10, 2010    

    i will expect upcoming movies are to be super duper hit & more to improve a dance

  36. poornachandar poornachandar
    March 11, 2010    

    next super star is vijay only

  37. basith basith
    March 16, 2010    

    no one can beat u thalapathy……… thalaivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nee valga…..

  38. prabhakar prabhakar
    March 17, 2010    

    hi vijay this prabhakar i like to say only one thing do differnt character with famous director like gowtham, sasi this wish not only from me it all wish from ur well wishers… so pls try to give that kind of projects… we are all waiting for that…

  39. Shalu S Karim Shalu S Karim
    March 18, 2010    

    vijay sir u r super staying in tamil industry for so long creating consistent hit movies from ur young age itself common smash the surya fanz who had forgotten that surya has come from ur shadow jai ILLAYADALAPATHY!!

  40. March 18, 2010    

    vijay sir valga next super star

  41. venkatesh venkatesh
    March 19, 2010    

    vijay is rocks, next super star vijay only

  42. venkatesh venkatesh
    March 19, 2010    

    vijay is rocks, next super star vijay only

  43. sura sura
    March 19, 2010    


  44. singam singam
    March 20, 2010    

    Thatha vodalam en THALAPATHIYA compare pannatheengada…. Ajith is a f—- old ass already sottai athula thopai varae… avan AEGAN patathula avanaee unclenu solranunga apuram enna da … Cinemala youth look ah maintain pananum ma kannu.. so thatha thalaiyalam (Ajith) oram kattu.. Enga Thalapathya Valthi pasuuuu……………

  45. babu rao babu rao
    March 20, 2010    

    i lovr vijay………… ajith has nothing to compare to king vijay………… vijay is no.1 tamil actor in b”lore

  46. chiyan chiyan
    March 27, 2010    

    east or west. vijay is the best

  47. KAK KAK
    March 30, 2010    


  48. KAK KAK
    March 30, 2010    


  49. U.Ram U.Ram
    March 31, 2010    

    Vijay is tamil nattu king. Yaralum Thalapathi Nizhalai Gota nerunga mutiyathu Thalapathin vettri varisiyil melum oru mani magutan sura. santanu vantha samathanamaga poga thalapathi onnum pura illai sura kappalai kilippo by thalapathin veriyan.U.Ram,Tvr

  50. rajeshcool rajeshcool
    March 31, 2010    

    Dear Mr.Vijay
    Pls try to do different roles or mininmum of different stories atleast…. bcoz now u ill be mattured in act,dis is ur 50th film,our tamil cinema is going on a different track but u only as a big hero doing like this kind of movies..i know very well u r a very good dancer but dance is not important forever,ur movie always coming with 4 fights,some dappankuthu song,sentiment,joke,dance and all..i know this is also important for audians but not the all times. bcoz we r all expecting this is from u..latest ajith films expected by we r going down..they r coming up THALAIVA…So Plsssssss consider our fans.Wishes for our sura…………..



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