TamilNadu Jallikattu general rules

Jallikattu rules
Jallikattu rules
  • The bull will be released on the the arena through the vadi vasal, an entry gate.
  • The tamer should embrace the bull for 30 seconds or 15 feet, whichever is longer when the bull runs. (Usually it is about 15 m (49 ft), marked by hanging overhead marker flags along the line.)
  • Only one contestant should hold on to the bull at one time. If more than one contestant holds on to the bull, then there is no winner.
  • The contestant should only hold the bull by its hump. Holding by the neck, horns or tail results in disqualification.
  • No contestant should hit or hurt the bull in any manner.
  • If the bull throws the contestant off before the line or if no-one manages to hold on to the bull, then the bull will be declared victorious.
  • If the contestant manages to hold on to the hump till it crosses the finish line, then the contestant is declared the winner.

How Jallikattu is Held in Tamilnadu

Jallikattu rules
Jallikattu rules
  • A written permission is obtained from the respective collector, thirty days prior to conduct of event along with notification of the event location.
  • The arena and the way through which the bulls pass through is double-barricaded, in order to avoid injuries to the spectators and by-standers who may be permitted to remain within the barricades.
  • Final preparation before the event include a complete testing by the authorities of the Animal Husbandry Department, to ensure that performance enhancement drugs, liquor or other irritants are not used on the bulls.
  • The necessary gallery areas are built up along the double barricades.
  • The necessary permissions are obtained from the collector for the participants and the bulls fifteen days prior.
  • Safegaurding the bull and Viewers are the top priority.

Virat Kohli was named ODI Cricketer of the Year

Virat Kohli was named ODI Cricketer of the Year at the International Cricket Council Awards.

Sri Lanka’s Kumar Sangakkara was named the Cricketer of the Year besides getting the best Test player honour at the International Cricket Council Awards.

Sangakkara accepted the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy from ICC president Alan Isaac and was clearly thrilled to win.

Sangakkara received the Test Cricketer award from batting legend Brian Lara in front of his home crowd.

Dhoni named as the caption of an ODI Team of the Year.

IPL 5 will have Prabhu Deva, Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra to open the ceremony

IPL 5This year the opening ceremony of the IPL 5 is a gala event with the biggest stars from the country performing for the fans.

Prabhu Deva dance will be the grand finale of the show. If this was not enough of a treat, Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra will be performing with him.

Prabhu Deva is practising his moves and will be dancing for some of the biggest hits in his career. Amitabh Bachchan will be hosting this memorable show. IPL 5 could not ask for a bigger or better start to this season.

This year is going to be special as none other than Prabhu Deva, India’s answer to Michael Jackson will be performing at the opening ceremony to be held on April 3rd at the YMCA grounds in Chennai.

Polly Umrigar Award to Rahul Dravid and Ravichandran Ashwin got Dilip Sardesai Award

The Polly Umrigar Award is awarded to Dravid in recognition of the 1,285 runs with six centuries he made from 15 Tests between October 2010 and September 2011, Rahul Dravid Saturday attributed his performance to hard work. Dravid, who was not present at the awards function here when his parents received the trophy, said in a video message: I think a lot of my good performance is down to the hard work I put in. I think it has all paid off this year.

Former India captain Ajit Wadekar was bestowed the Col C.K. Nayudu Lifetime achievement award.

Subramaniam Badrinath got Madhavrao Scindia Award (TNCA, Highest run-getter in Ranji Trophy 2010-11) – 922 runs at a rate of 131.71 in nine matches, inclusive of four centuries and three half centuries) .

Ravichandran Ashwin got Dilip Sardesai Award (India’s Best Cricketer in the 2012 Test series against the West Indies) – 22 wickets from three Tests, maiden Test hundred.

Ishant Sharma got Dilip Sardesai Award (Best Indian Cricketer of 2011 Test Series in West Indies) – 22 wickets, av 16.8 from three Tests, inclusive of two 5WIs and one 10WM) .

Bhargav Bhatt got Madhavrao Scindia Award. (Baroda CA, Highest wicket-taker in the Ranji Trophy 2010-11) – 47 wickets at an average of 21.57 in nine matches, inclusive of four 5WI and one 10WM.

Vijay Zol got M.A. Chidambaram Trophy. (Maharashtra CA, Best Under-16 cricketer of the year 2010-11) – 858 runs, average 85.8 in seven matches, inclusive of four centuries and two half-centuries.

Avi Barot got M.A. Chidambaram Trophy (Gujarat CA, Best Under-19 cricketer, 2010-11) – 971 runs, av 88.27 in seven matches, inclusive of four centuries and three half-centuries.

Suryakumar Yadav got M.A. Chidambaram Trophy(Mumbai CA, Best Under-22 Cricketer, 2010-11) – 721 runs, av 80.11 in seven matches, inclusive of two centuries and four half centuries.

New ODI Cricket Rules

Do you know the New ODI Cricket rules?

According to the new rule, on appeal from the fielders, if the umpire feels that a batsman, while running between the wickets, has significantly changed his direction without probable cause to save his wicket when a fielder attempts to run the batsman out, should be given out obstructing the field. It shall not be relevant whether a run out would have been effected or not. For making a decision to declare the batsman out obstructing the field, the on-field umpires may consult the third-umpire.

Each fielding side is given two new balls to be used in alternate overs, one at each end. The mandatory change of the ball after the 34th over of an innings will not take place anymore.

The two powerplay blocks, which the bowling team and the batting team decide to take as per their wish after the end of first 10 overs Mandatory Powerplay will not be taken earlier than the 16th over nor be completed later than the 40th over.

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