Vettaikaran Picture Gallery and Story Line

Does this time the movies has new thing and new style? Yep guessing

There is a talk doing the rounds as to what the story of Vettaikaran is going to be like?

It goes like this…. !!! wats up!

Everyone Knows how many times he do the same old story like this? Will it be any new storyline this time? Who Knows!!

Even Fans get fed up with same old beard style and same old Story Line. The important given only on dance. let the movie speaks now..

32 thoughts on “Vettaikaran Picture Gallery and Story Line

  1. vijay is not a good actor…ajith also not bad…but when comparing vijay and ajith…ajith is better than vijay…vijay gave hits only from remake not his own…like pokiri.gilly,friends,kadaluku mariyadai,etc.,aadhi also remake but it got floped…he made three ie, hattrick atm,kuruvi,villu..flops..i think vettaikaran also join this line ie,continously four flops atm,kuruvi,villu,vettaikaran…….etc.,vijay ur not a next super star…….pls forget ur dream…our real super star only rajini kanth sir who comes without any remake films expect one bhilla………one remake film is not a big blunder….vijay na waste ,,,ajith thanda best………..

  2. helo vijay’s vettaikaran gonna hit ajith forehead.ajith is going to cry by seeing vettaikaran movie.that his movie asal is gonna flop.ajith also had flop movies like kreedom,billa,thiruppathi and upcoming asal.then next movies.ajith is going to cry by his flop movies.and vijay is gonna rockkk in his upcoming vettaikaran.and upcoming movies.asal flop and vettaikaran hit.vijay is only next super starrr.but all the best to ajith for his asal.

  3. stupidlah u viki….if u dun like vijay pls dun tell like that lah idiot….vijay is always the best for his fans and for me too…if u think ajith is better for us always our ithayatalapathy…so pls mind ur words!!!!bladdy fools!!!VIJAY IS BORN TO WIN…HE WILL BE OUR NEXT SUPER STAR….URUVATI MUDIVE PANITENA APPRO EM PECHE NANE KEKE MATTE!!!ALL THE BEST VETTAIKARAN>>>>

  4. Vijay is Ever green hero, He is one of good dancer in tamil film industry.

    He is always super star…..

    All the best to the big hiter Vettaikaran—-

  5. Even flops of Ajith are fresh story.But all hits of Vijay are remake.Even a feeble headed guy with proper guidance can do it.
    Secondly ask him to do at least one remake of our yesteryear Indian heroes r Rajini Sirs.he cant for he got no guts….
    His movies run only in Tamil Nadu have you seen any mass at international or other state theaters….

    Vijay is a good Actor but he is not at all analyzing what the fans want , he is just thinking of early 90’s and acting….

    Running the movies for 100days is not enough big and object oriented directors are not opting him because of this…..

  6. m sowy guyz…wateva u’l tok vijay s d best actor after rajini n kamal…n he is d nxt superstar…may b u;l wan ur heroz 2 b ther bt there is no place 4 otrz until vijay is here k…Vijay gona crack out by tiz movie n he gona pull out al gud name 4rm his las 3 flop mvi by tiz blockbster mvi k..sory guyz coz v hav 2 accept tiz k coz tats d fact…x1 can deny it k..VIJAY d best…VETTAIKAARAN GOANA ROCKZ K!!!!!!!

  7. dudes…i really dnt knw how u freaking guys say ajith is a good actor …i jus want to add something to tht…ajith is a gud actor with Zero basic talents…even in his hit films , the songs wont be gud..u cant even hear those craps…next ,he doesnt knw anything abt dance…stunt performance is utter waste…so totally he is lacking in all the basic things which is required for a gud actor..One more thing if u go to north nd ask which south indian actor do u knw..they first say they say vijay..noone thr knows who is ajith (as long as they dont knw tht , its gud for us,coz if they know ,then they nvr vil talk abt south film industry).this is not telling coz am supporting vijay…nd also if u go to kerala…they r actually freaking fans of vijay than us..they even dont lik the actors of thier own state…So pitty guys ..dont jus blabber without knowing anything as your ajith does in the screen…even a dog barks jus lik tht …
    So whtever is ajith is coming up with… he nvr evr can touch vijay…Sarithirathai thirumbi paru…unakke adhu puriyum….

  8. Nana adicha thanga matteh nalu masam thoonga matteh……

    Dai dabara monde..

  9. helo viki rajini’s many films are remake of amitabh padikathavan, thee, panakaran, velaikaran many more, dont talk blindly, vijay may nt be a good actor but he is real hero , he can dance , sing, do comedy, fights wel bt ajith has laggin n al dis aspects , i dnt no n wat point u lik ajith, hs films r nt even likd by s fans thts y goin utter flops lik raja, azwar, jee, jana, anchaneya bt n vijay movies even de flop movies wil hav som good songs, comedies wel, i cant see ajith movie even fr free ,..i like vijay fr s throught out entertainment,…any way ajith fans ku ajith pudikum , vijay fans vijay pudikum…

  10. Hello everyone,

    Wherever i see people are always comparing vijay and ajith. Both of them got talents in their own ways. But comparing them to the super start is an foolishness. Never ever compare rajini with these two. Vijay is utterly following rajini’s style and ajith is not an exception. A person to be a superstar when he becomes liked by all people. If you ask any kamal fans even though they are hardcore kamal fans they like rajini as well. But in this case it is not the same way.

    ‘Always be a leader’

  11. Sanju..modhal nee aambalaya pombalayanu sollu…surya super stara…ehukku ippadi oru bita potta…adhhan paathomla aadhavanla….mokka paya…

  12. hi kamal…why are you lying…”kamal fans even though they are hardcore kamal fans they like rajini as well”…..liar….and you say to be a super star one should have his own style….most rajnikanth movies are hindi remakes…..

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