IS Movie MYNA Hit or Flop

There are moments for Imman’s music when it impeccably complements the movie’s narrative. And it’s another benefit that his songs do not disturb the flow of the narrative. Prabhu and cinematographer Sukumar’s conviction of using natural lighting in the cinematography is sparkling in parts

Myna comes alive luminously as it traverses through the unexplored jungles of Munnar. Myna is largely the story of jinxed lovers but it’s also about how destiny plays hide and seek with human emotions.

Vidharth (Suruli) and Amala Paul (Myna) are childhood friends. Suruli is attracted to Myna and it doesn’t take long enough for him to recognize that feeling as love.

The narrative is blended with comical elements so as to engage the viewer and it works too. Prabhu also touches upon human right violations by the cops when they are handcuffed with suspects that restrict their actions at the will of the cops.

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