IS RAAVANAN Movies is hit or flop?

IS RAAVANAN Movies is hit or flop?

As the speculation already rising up, I think it will be big hit of this year.

RAAVANAN movie related with epic:

The title role of the film, being played by Vikram in Tamil and Abhishek Bachchan in Hindi. There is no doubt about the nature of this character.

The extremely powerful, daring asura who kidnaps the wife of Rama. It is obvious that Prithviraj plays Rama in Tamil, while Vikram is Rama in the Hindi version. And, it goes without saying that Aishwarya Rai portrays Sita.

Priyamani too has been shown as part of the tribal clan and it is being speculated that she could represent Surpanaka. But, it is not clear whether she plays Raavana’s sister, which also leaves the possibility that she could be Mandodari.

Karthik. Going by reports, he plays the role of a forest officer. A wild guess from this small piece of information leads us to three possibilities. Karthik could be any one out of Hanuman, Sugriva or Jatayu.

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  1. superb unexpressable admirable performance by de team and espicially my viki……some stupids say it is not nice… s sure tat all those stupids are tasteless fellows who likes to watch de movies showin impossible things and makin them ideots

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