Sura Movie Hit Or flop? -Ilayathalapathi Vijay’s 50th Tamil film

After seeing this movie It’s seems like vijay losing the plot for superstar status. Another flop with suraa the list  his failure get increasing. Vijay’s 50th film has turned out to be a big disappointment and the actor has added one more flop in the series of Kuruvi, Villu and Vettaikkaran. The 5 flops in just 3 years. This shows he lost his demand in cine market

Ilayathalapathi Vijay’s 50th Tamil film has been loaded with this badly-scripted movie. He does everything he can to make the movie seem entertaining and gets to look younger with every movie. Some of his dialogues indicate his political ambitions. The stories of his movies seem outdated. If you are vijay fan then please ask vijay to act in fresh stories as on other side, actor surya is blossoming with mind blowing hits. suriya and ajith are racing for super star title.

35 thoughts on “Sura Movie Hit Or flop? -Ilayathalapathi Vijay’s 50th Tamil film

  1. suraa is the super hit movie and no one can beat vijay anna and he is rocking all over the world and he is the superstar of tamil film industry

  2. sura super flop vijay must concentrate on story and script
    even his hard core fans expect that from him else flops will continue

  3. No one in tamil industry to over take his dance perfomence……tooooo goood & superrr…..
    VIJAY=best starrrrrrrRRRR

  4. I don’t encourage this movie at all. He is a bad actor and movie scripted very badly. Poor the tamilians.. Fate to watch ’em all. Come with good story liner…. don’t dump.
    Eg., Angaadi Theru.


  6. vijay 50 padathula 38 padam hit kuduthar…unga ajith umbathanda layake…unga thalayoda pera tharuthala nu vachuklam poi muthalla tharuthala pola varuma!! apdinu oru paattu yezhutha sollada ootha..ajith 49 padathula verum 8 padam thanda hit matta yellam flop da
    ajith thanda tamil cenema la nadikka koodathu

  7. sura is a flop movie but vijay is not a flop star, he is a SUPER NAYAGAN….
    vijay is d next SUPER STAR . and no one is there to beat our ILAYATHALAPATHI VIJAY….

  8. Dai idiots ( Surya fans & Ajith fans) STOPyour loose talks VIJAY’S 51st hit film being a super hit. It will break all Records. Aascar ready pannungappa!

  9. Ada madhura kara punda. enna en poolattum karuthu solra. en thala englishla pesara madhiri un vijay pundayala pesa sollura. mothalla antha pundaya oru padathulayavadhu kettapa mathi nadikka sollu da sidhi…………

  10. vakka dee vakka whom ever can give the hit film but no one can, stay with name of vijay. hit film may given by ever one, but our heart as given big award our vijay anna.. our next what next our present superstar is ennka anna vijay da kanna….

  11. Hello thala fans vijay getup mathamalea ivlo flims hit thandhutaru ini vara flimla unga thalaya mathiri getupa matum pottu cene podama, avaroda performance mega hit tharadhan pogudhu for that The KAVALAN movie is a small example. English padichavanlan romba talented persons ill, my brother is 12 yrs old he also speak english very fluently. This only not a gud qualification for a best actor. when comparing to ajith flims vijay flims is much better. Ajith never give a film like pokiri, gilli, thirumala. Only vijay can do this type of commercial flims. In the tamil industry no one gave a flop like ajith. Ajith also a good actor but he is not performing in many movies, and he is out of form also. if ajith give goood movies we are definitly encourage him.

  12. dai ajith oru thayoli pundavayan kandaoli ilamathi nee sun music ph pannuna unna poturuveandi eppevum thalapathi than mass

  13. dai… vijay pundayooooli nee nadicha double acting film ethavathu hit ayiruka .. da … kena punda enga thala film a paaru da …. appan mahana konjam vithyasam theriyanum okva … vijay is a good dancer but not actor …. ajith is a good actor … cini field la acting than mukiyam ok vaaaa, athanala unga vijay ya avan wife a ooooothuttu oranga sollu …..

  14. I think vijay rocks he is a super Star for me his movies are really good maybe some of u might not like it but i luv it i luv vijay meaning as a super star!!!!!! he is tha best

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