IS Dhanush Aadukalam A MEGA HIT

Aadukalam is its strength in characterization. Aadukalam travels on an unexpected path with twists and turns highlighting on the way the multiple layers of human emotions with sense playing truant. Vetrimaaran proves that he is after all an adept raconteur with an eye for details. Every scene substantiates his efforts.

Dhanush steals the show as the actor has lived the role of Karuppu. It is a visual treat to watch this talented lad perform be it the love that he feels towards Tapasee or the rambunctious jive he breaks into when she declares her love for him or the pain he feels when Jayabalan treats him badly or his regret when he loses his mom or the anguish on discovering betrayal.

Tapasee Pannu as the Anglo Indian girl Irene is adequate and portrays her role in a respect worthy fashion. Kishore as Durai with Samudirakkani’s voice is valuable.

G V Prakash’s music elevates Aadukalam and intensifies the effect over the audience. Songs are rightly placed and none of them are contrived. While Otha sollaale makes the audience boogie, Ayyayo and Yathe Yathe’s melody enthrals them.

The action sequence especially in the climax is realistic and credible.

3 thoughts on “IS Dhanush Aadukalam A MEGA HIT

    1off SUPER
    1.dhanush indha padathula pudhu charecter
    2.Seval sandai supero super
    3.Heroin super ah iruka
    4.paattu yellam edutha vidham super ah iruku

    2nd 0ff:MOKKA
    1.1off layea padam mudijuruchu
    2.2nd off indha padathuku thevai illanu thonum
    3.ayyayo song and romance nalla irukum

    first off kaakave padatha thirumbi paakalaam

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