Is Rajinikanth’s Endhiran (ROBOT) movie Hit or Flop? My Endhiran movie review: Super Mega Hit

My Endhiran movie view: Super Mega Hit

Super start Rajinikanth the biggest entertainer that India has produced. Watching Endhiran one feels no doubt whatsoever that no one other than Rajnikanth could have pulled off this character.

Super start Rajinikanth scores exuding brilliance and charisma in every frame. Yes, there are the trademark styles and mannerisms, but Rajnikanth transcends style and goes one better with Endhiran. By this movie rajini may get many awards especially best villan and hero. The main focal point of the performance is definitely the robot Chitty.

Absolutely there is no one who can come even close when playing a devilish destroyer except rajini. The outrageous and maniacal laugh as he proclaims his invincibility is a masterpiece. It makes us to go back to those days of Rajnikanth the villain.

As expected, technical aspects of Endhiran are top notch. Special effects are world class except a few occasions here and there as they have been done by the best in the business, Stan Winston Studios and Industrial Light and Magic.

The sheer effort that has gone into the CGI work is humungous.

Amazing Stunning things in robot:

Rajini running along the side of a train.
Rajini doing a Michael Jackson jive
Rajini as chitty v2.0 as villan a masterpiece
Rajini Fight and charm look.
Ash presence.
CGI work
Visual effect
Shankar awesome thinkings.
AR Rahman Music..etc

Folks watch this movie and have a fun. Dot.