Mouna Guru Movie Review

Mouna Guru Movie is a nice thriller film. Karunakaran(hero) is a college student in Madurai. He has a unique attitude and stands out in a crowd. Aarthi (Iniya), his sister-in-law’s sister, is a medical college student and slowly love blossoms between the two.

Karunakaran joins a college in Chennai but he is soon drawn into mysterious circumstances involving high ranking police officers. Arulnithi has given an incredible performance and steals the show with his underplayed performance. He has got the much needed break in Kollywood. Iniya, who performed brilliantly in Vaagai Sooda Vaa has little scope to perform but is flawless in her role. Thaman’s music is quite apt for the movie and the songs gel well with flow the of the movie.

Debutant Director Santha Kumar deserves praise for making a taut thriller that retains the suspense till the very end.