Latest News: Ultimate Star Ajith’s Aasal (Asal) Tamil Movie Overall Review: Flop or Hit?

After seeing this movie we would get full satisfaction after a long time, A good Tamil movie with Hollywood effects.

Asal Ajith plays a dual role with one character dealing with international smuggling and the second role as a son. A new brand image will be given to this Boss who always break the box office through his movie collections.

Aasal (Original) 2010 is directed by old hand Saran. Ajith’s 49th film was so special because Ajith has given up his title of the “Ultimate Star”. Another interesting fact is that the actor has been credited with the screenplay (along with with Saran and Yugi Sethu) and direction. Yuhi Sethu, who is known as a taut screenplay writer, has ensured that the script has no loose ends and there is no logical lapse.

Though influence of Hollywood movies like Payback could not be avoided especially in the second half, one can forget the fact since Asal is a rich attempt that is bright and beautiful.

Jeevanathan (Ajith) sons are Sam (Sampath Raj), Prasad (Rajeev Krishna) and Shiva (Ajith). Sam and Prasad sideline Shiva all the time. When the elder sons Sam, Prasad decide to strike a deal to sell weapons to a terror group, trouble breaks out. They Cross swords with a Mumbai-based group led by Shetty (Kelly Dorji). The scene-stealer here is Sulabha (Bhavana).There is also Sara (Sameera Reddy), who works in French Embassy and falls for Ajith. Daniel Dharmaraj (Suresh) a French cop who adds twist to the tale. Yuhi Sethu as Don Samosa provides lighter moment in the movie. Only drawback was character in which pradeep Rawat, Prabhu done was so little and storyline was same as old

My verdict of this Asal movie: Billa showed ajith with oozing all stylish. Asal has showcases Ajith on roles with style and stuff. Asal in a natural entertainer. For die-hard Ajith fans Aasal will have plenty of reasons to express joy. For the others it is so pleasant to watch.