Vijay’s Vettaikaran Movie Release- Dont watch this movie On first day.

Hello friends!!  don’t risk your life watching Vijay’s Vettaikaran first show without even knowing about the movie well enough. Everyone know the fact This film exact remake of Telugu Film but after seeing the preview show, one of the close source of cinetechncal persons who saw the preview of the movie told that its just a similar film as BAASHA. However it is hard to accept that this film is also going to be a blunder as earlier film. vijay who has a great skill in dancing and unique acting skills should have done more work in choosing the film.
But nowhere to go than accepting his failure in this film..soon all would know, when this film hit the screen. If this film crosses more than 30 days then the credit goes to sun tv. What else you need to know? Don’t waste your time on watching.

After the unpopular average grosser releases of Kuruvi, Azhagiya Tamil Magan (ATM) and Villu, Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay seems to go steady and safe in his highly expected high budget venture Vettaikaran. Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay keen to make the Vettaikaran big hit to boost his fans and to make a step to politics with good sign. He even bargained/requested the AVM banner to sell the Vettaikaran to SUN PICTURES to make a movie sure hit and to stand tall. If Vijay fails this time it might be a obstacle for all his future plans in politics and in movies, and also there is quite a possibility that Vijay might lose his NUMBER THREE spot in top Tamil actors list in both popularity and masses.

11 thoughts on “Vijay’s Vettaikaran Movie Release- Dont watch this movie On first day.

  1. Vettaikaran is a Massive hit just now watched the movie and Commenting, some People like you who are useless create a Blog and Posts craps like this, Dont go by this insane who wrote this blog, he has not even watched the movie but has come down writting a Blog.. First watch the movie and then Start writting… You need some immediate Hospitalisation for Mental Disorder

  2. I do no who is writed tis review…., i will kill him….. bcoz, the review was totally an wrong one…… vettaikaran is rocking with housefull crowds all over tamil nadu…. the film is totally an mass entertainer…… it is an visual treat for alll fans…….. ilayathalapathy is always rocks.. and no one can stop him and his fans…..

  3. Dai LKB….. \una maadiri sila poramboku echakala nai sollurathu naalaellam \ilaya Thalabathy ooda mass korayaadhu…..

    Film is a sure shot hit…….

    Enna nee Surya fan ah illa ajithfan ah?

    Surya ve enga thalabathy Fan da.

    Unakku vekkam maanam irundha nera theater ku poi anga iruka vijay fans a paathu nee sonnadha sollu da…

    Solli paaru veedu poi sera maata……….

  4. nan solurathae veetula irunthu thanda en kongako………ne adicha ilada… ne nadicha thanda thanga mudiayathu……….
    “ne nadicha thanga matom naalu masam thonga matom
    vijay padam patha veedu poiyi saera matta……”
    Ilayathalapthy VIJAY really ROCKZZZZZZZZZZ…..

  5. Dai thevidiya vijay pathi thapa pesaratha vititu poi vera velaya paru da punda,, ilana poi picha eduda thayoli mavane… ne kaila kidacha ponam tha……………….

  6. film is already hit this review is useless review written by a shameless fellow.i watched the movie firstday first show the whole theatre was dancing and clapping and the song pulirumudhu was wonderfull

    vijay rocks for ever>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<

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