Is VA – QUARTER CUTTING movie Hit or flop?

The films starts as Sura, (shortened for Sundarrajan) an ardent fan of Vijay played by Shiva lands in Chennai from Coimbatore and is on his way to Saudi Arabia for greener pastures. This story is about Sura’s adventure through one night in Chennai and his vigorous pursuit of liquor on hearing that alcohol is forbidden in Saudi Arabia is the frivolous theme of Va-QC.

The technical team has delivered what is needed for the film in right proportion. Nirav Shah is the major plus for the film and he does it again with his lens which captures the moods of the night with the appropriate usage of lighting and colors

Credible characterization is one of the USPs of Va-QC with Shiva, Charan and John Vijay taking the honors. Shiva’s and Charan’s body language and their moronic countenance are in perfect sync with the storyline. John Vijay is a revelation in double roles. Lekha Washington as the girl with self suicidal instincts does a neat job.

However the film is not up to the mark.

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