Movie UTHAMA PUTHIRAN hit or flop?

Uthamaputhiran is all about love, family, relationships, fun and laughter. This is the perfect movie for this diwali. If a clean family fare, full of fun and humor (clean, no double entendres), no ‘supermanism’, no glamour, little bit of sentiments and a slightly melodramatic climax is your idea of a good entertainer, then you certainly have found the Uthama entertainer for Diwali. Right from the outset the director makes it clear that his aim is to entertain the audience.

Dhanush and Vivek rock together, each complementing the other with superb timing. Scripting and direction really show their maturity with the pacing of the movie. A consistent tempo is maintained right through.

Vijay Anthony’s music has been used well by the director; the composer deserves special mention for the BGM.

My VIEWS: It is a clean family entertainer go and enjoy

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