Jaguar Thangam Vs Ajith Kumar and Rajinikanth a Complete Real Story Behind: latest news

An attack was made on Jaguar Thangam’s residence a few days ago while he was away shooting for a film at Madurai. Even before the police were informed, Jaguar Thangam was called and without any proper evidence, the stunt master kicked up quite a row, alleging that the attack had been made on him by fans of Ajith.

He was demanding Ajith’s arrest without any proof, which did not happen. Angered that his demands had not been heeded, he threatened to bring in members of his caste to attack Ajith’s residence. Security was tightened around Thala’s residence immediately.

He told press peoples yesterday that he wanted an apology from Ajith for the attack against him.

ajith-17-09-08Certain member of the press pointed out that Rajinikanth had given Ajith a standing ovation for the mentioned statement, Jaguar Thangam said that no one ever took the things Rajni said seriously and that there was every possibility that the superstar might twist the meaning of his words or actions later on. Ajith and Rajinikanth — have not even flinched.

The press peoples stand that tells everything whose words should be taken seriously and whose not.

True Facts about Jaguar Thangam and his criminal activities

Jaguar Thangam has misbehaved some four years back with an actress Anamika who had come to learn stunts from him. Anamika reported this matter to police and dragged Jaguar to court on charges of sexual harassment. This was a highly publicized issue and later Jaguar took revenge on Anamika and saw that she was out of cinema. Now in order to take revenge against Ajith, he has started this one-sided war.

Now it is left us to decide the faith of the Jaguar Thangam. Will he be punished for mishandling his caste and make some non sense..

Now the latest news is that vijay, rajini and many joins hands with ajith in this issues. Even Congress leader E V K S Elangovan has defended the stand of Rajinikanth and Ajith on this issue.

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