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Is Mani Ratnam Kadal Movie Hit for Flop?

Is Mani Ratnam Kadal Movie Hit for Flop

Is Mani Ratnam Kadal Movie Hit for Flop

Kadal is the upcoming Mani Ratnam film that has been causing waves of expectation over the audience. Kadal is a tamil movie, it is a romantic movie which will be directed by Ace director Mani Ratnam. This film has big names like AR Rahman, Rajiv Menon and Mani Ratnam himself.

The movie has Karthik’s son Gautham as hero will make his debut in this film while Thulasi Nair, daughter of Radha, will play the female lead. It set in the coastal regions of Rameshwaram.

The music and background score for the film is done by A. R. Rahman

Hope the movie will become Hit.

Is Vishwaroop or Vishwaroopam Hit or Flop

Vishwaroop or Vishwaroopam

Vishwaroop or Vishwaroopam

Vishwaroop or Vishwaroopam revolves around a married couple Vishwanath (Kamal), a Kathak exponent and Nirupama (Pooja Kumar), who has acquired her PhD. Nirupama aspires for more and plans to opt out of marriage but to cite any specific reason to leave Wiz, as there is nothing much to complain about him. So, she decides to hire a detective and find something about him to end her marriage.

The next where Kamal’s transformation is shown, bolstered with some great stunt choreography, stands out. The highlight of the movie is the training camp sequences. The overall Vishwaroopam clearly has no Religious or political motive. The movie is made with only one intention – to entertain

Powerful Antivirus software

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Hi friends! I would like to share the experience of my recent antivirus research.

Recently, I bought a new HP laptop. For my desktop computer i use Norton. Norton is good Antivirus software, but most of the case my PC gets slow due to this. So, I thought of, to use other antivirus sofware for my latptop.

I searched through internet and i found VIPRE Antivirus sofware is the best. VIPRE Antivirus software is know for its optimize overall performance by melding antivirus and antispyware together into one single powerful tool. VIPRE means powerful protection against today’s highly complex malware threats.

The main reason i used VIPRE Antivirus is, it avoids system slowness and high cpu/memory utilization.

It is very easy to use. VIPRE Antivirus is high-performance antivirus software that doesn’t slow down your PC like older, traditional security products does.

The next-generation technology, Virus Intrusion Protection Remediation Engine gives you powerful antivirus and antispyware software in-one that protects you against today’s highly complex malware threats including viruses, adware, spyware and root kits.

VIPRE collects a list of threats and displays it on completion of the scan, with a default action selected for each threat.

Installing the VIPRE Antivirus is very easy. Installation takes a few minutes and does not require a reboot

1. Download the VIPRE Antivirus software

2. Installing the VIPRE Antivirus software

3. Use the VIPRE Antivirus software

Get VIPRE antivirus software now. VIPRE is clearly one of the best antivirus program available today, No more sluggish PCs, system slowness, and resource headaches of older antivirus programs. For more information just look the details on website

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Billa 2 to release on Tamil New Year’s Day 2012

April will be most awaited month of Ajith fans because Billa 2 is likely to hit the screens for Tamil New Year’s Day. In March, the film’s audio will hit the music stands. It going to be rocking as the expectation arise everyday. For every month there is going to create expectation.

Billa 2’s one of the most expected films of 2012 the first look will be out on Pongal 2012. The trailer of the film will be released in February, most probably on the Valentines’ Day, as treat for Ajith fans.



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